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Accounts Payable Software

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Passport Software provides comprehensive Accounts Payable Software for small business as well as a full suite of business accounting software.

Unlike entry level software, Passport provides a professional solution. Passport Software’s business accounting software helps protect from fraud and much more:

·         Safeguard your profits: With accurate information

·         See vendor balances at a glance: Comprehensive display

·         Reduce fraud: Your bank clears only those checks you approved

·         Protect your operations: With audit trails

·         On-time accurate payments: Improve credit

·         Finish work faster: Quickly generate vendor invoices

·         Any printer: Any type can be used with the system

·         Design own check: Voucher selection is a breeze (point and click)

·         Integration: Interfaces with other software including e-commerce

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Passport Software provides affordable on-premise Accounting software that requires a one-time purchase and nominal annual update fee.

With 30+ years of experience, we’ve implemented several thousand installations that are supported by our channel of North American and International Partner professionals.

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