Is Your Operation Producing Items that Help Fight or Prevent COVID-19?

PBS™ Manufacturing software is currently being provided at no cost for a year to manufacturers producing items that help prevent and fight COVID-19 (hand sanitizers, masks, and respirators etc.)

    • This includes manufacturers that are current providers or those who are changing their operations.
    • PBS™ Manufacturing software helps streamline operations, increase productivity, and allows you to accomplish more with less effort compared to manual tracking or using an outdated system.
    • Our robust manufacturing solution offers sophisticated features that give your staff the flexibility they need to cover multiple tasks.
    • We can help you reduce product lead times, maintain leaner inventory, and automate shop floor control to plan for growth.

Increase Productivity with PBS™ Manufacturing

Our productivity tools allow you to save time, increase efficiency and free up staff for more critical operational tasks.

  • More throughput, fewer errors
  • Better inventory planning
  • Improved order management
  • Better production scheduling
  • Better cost tracking


View a brief video about how we can help – Ian Creswell Passport Software’s Manufacturing Product Manager

Details for Implementation

For manufacturers producing items that help prevent or fight COVID-19, the first year’s use of our manufacturing software is free – with billable hours only for installation, training and support (reduced rates). After a year the monthly billing program begins if you are interested in remaining on PBS.

This program includes updates and can include support, and it is priced at different rates depending on number of users and level of support they choose.

PBS Manufacturing Software for small businesses and mid-sized companies is a modular system that provides solutions tailored to meet your unique needs.

Please call Dave at 800-969-7900 x145 for details and to determine if PBS Manufacturing is a fit for your company.

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