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Manufacturing Communications Consulting

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This post is for small to mid-size manufacturers that are vetting opportunities to streamline their processes and solve operational challenges.

Passport Software offers a “communications consulting” service for manufacturers that is different from our sales consulting needs-analysis.

Communication Challenges

This consulting service is designed to analyze and solve operational challenges resulting from communication issues that might hinder processes in an manufacturing plant.

·          Is your company experiencing communication issues? Either from the bottom up or top down?

·          Is there a situation where the owner, management and operations aren’t on the same page?

·          Is there a circumstance where it’s difficult for one department to really listen to what another might be saying?

The primary purpose of our communications consulting is not to come in with a sales agenda – or even preconceived notions about your company – but to ask questions and provoke thought:

·          Regardless of having the right or wrong manufacturing system, do you also have some communication or people issues?

·          Is your current manufacturing software perhaps not being used correctly due to a communication or personnel issue?

·          Is some process taking longer than it should partly because of a people problem?

Whatever the case, our communications consultant spends time on-site interviewing each department and then provides a very honest assessment of communication issues to the owner and management.

Is it Labor or Management?

We recently helped a company that asked for an assessment because the owner was informed that shop floor workers were causing delays in production.

The late shipping issue was causing a significant loss of business to competitors, and affecting their bottom line.

After the discovery process was completed, the owner learned that orders were constantly being shipped late because management had not committed to designating a primary purchasing manager.

Having several purchasing managers led to communication issues and not having inventory on hand, and the shop workers were constantly starting and stopping jobs, which was also driving up labor costs.

Regardless of whatever upgrade was needed to their manufacturing software, their personnel problem had to be solved first.

Our Communication Consultant

If you have a situation where departments are not aligned or other communication issues affecting your company, our consultant may be able to help.

Our manufacturing communication consultant has been in manufacturing for 30 years, starting out on the shop floor. Now, as a manufacturing specialist, he’s helped several hundred companies throughout the U.S. solve their communication issues to improve their processes, and ultimately improve their bottom line.

To learn more, contact Ian at 800-969-7900 x125. Or contact us – we are here to help.

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