How does hiring a veteran benefit my ACA compliance?

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Hiring a veteran and ACA compliance

The Hire More Heroes Act is especially relevant for ACA compliance. The act makes individuals covered under TRICARE or the Department of Veterans Affairs exempt from the 50 Full Time Equivalent (FTE) calculation.

For many small businesses, this could be the difference between remaining understaffed or becoming an Applicable Large Employer and subject to the Pay Or Play requirements.

Passport Software, Inc. offers several levels of ACA management solutions for reporting and compliance throughout the year.  Our ACA Software provides employee status updates, data import, and you can generate all your employee records in seconds, and much more.

Our ACA software is IRS-certified and we are IRS-approved to file on your behalf with optional proxy submission.  We also offer ACA Full Service – just provide us with a spreadsheet with employee data, and we take care of the rest!

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