Companies turn to ACA Compliance Outsourcing


Companies are increasingly outsourcing benefits administration–this includes compliance management for the Affordable Care Act.

According to the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans, businesses are outsourcing 40% of their benefits administration. Top concerns are complying with benefits regulations and rising healthcare costs.

The findings show that outsourcing gives HR more time for quality employee interaction. Outsourcing reduces time-consuming reporting often associated with ACA compliance.

Another way to solve the compliance challenge is finding a comprehensive ACA software solution. Save money on outsourcing by utilizing comprehensive ACA management software and avoid costly mistakes made during the year.

Passport Software’s ACA software is enhanced:  Automated, Real-Time Reporting and Status-Updates prevent penalties.

Our IRS-certified ACA software is much more than just forms and end of the year reporting.  It is a comprehensive ACA management solution to help manage compliance and avoid penalties.

We are also IRS-approved to submit on your behalf with proxy submission, and we offer ACA Full Service – just provide a spreadsheet with employee information, and we do the rest.

Learn more about Passport Software’s ACA Compliance Software.  Call 800-969-7900 for more information.


References:, Costs and Compliance Driving More Companies to Benefits Outsourcing


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